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 Post subject: [Declined] Resto Shaman X-realm Application
PostPosted: Tue Feb 16, 2010 1:18 pm 

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Personal Information

Name: Ivan
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Nationality: Bulgarian
Playing times:
I don’t have any RL commitments that will regularly prevent me from raiding. And I intend to have almost 100% attendance, as I had to all my previous guilds until now. Being prepared to raids goes without saying.I am very active player.

Character Information

Realm: Darksorrow
Name: Blacksh
Class: Shaman
Race: Draenei ( if i am accepted due the transfer and faction change i am willing to pick up whatever class you guys prefer)
Spec: Restoration (0/13/58)
/played: 109 on my mage(due she was my main back then) 43 days on my shaman ( not so many days becouse i rerolled resto shaman before 3 months).
Proffesions: Alchemy + Herbalism ( probly i will drop Herbalism for something else),Alt profs ( JC + Enchanting)
Armory: ... cn=Blacksh
Lv 80 Mage with pretty decent PVE&PVP gear: ... ow&cn=Vily

Technical Information

CPU: Intel CoreDuo T9400 @ 2.53Ghz
GPU: GeForce 9600 GT (1GB)
Internet Connection: 16MBit Cable connection.Keeping between 40-90ms when i play.
Operating System: Windows Vista SP2 tuned with Gamebooster + Tuneup for better perfomance.
Additional Information:
Don't have any.If you have questions about my PC feel free to ask me.

About my IRL Life

My occupation is student.I study Computer science and technologies at my local University.I spend my free time playing Wow and believe me i have a lot of free time :).As a person, I am a quite driven; when I set my goal for something I’ll do what it takes to get there. I’m also very easy going person to deal with, I’m the guy who gets along with people and I’m the one who sits on vent even though I’m not even in the game.My goal is to be the best and play with the best.I am very dedicated with the guild when i see the people are dedicated aswell.

Guild History

I started my raiding career in this expasion.Back on Vanila and TBC i was playing very rarely and was even worse then casual.My first guild was
<Inquisition> on Burning Steppes.There i felt the passion to be hardcore.Very fast i was promoted to progress raider after that officer and even raid leader.Start was hard due server was full with horde and no alliance.Server was unbalanced.For 1 month we managed to form 25man crew and we started raiding Naxxramas.Back then i was playing on my mage as main.After that we merged with guild named : CR when Ulduar hit the servers.We was with the best progress in the realm from alliance side and 3th on both sides on first weeks at Ulduar.Due the lack of players to recruit becouse of the empty server full with horde we decided to transfer on Darksorrow before the summer.Then i needed to go away from wow for the summer due the work and traver in USA.When i came back i was with -1 tier lack of gear.I managed to gear up fast and started raid again with CR but this time on Darksorrow and this time on my mage.People was amazed with my healing skills due the alts runs and they decided to make my shaman main even i was doing top dps on my mage.From totc25 to now i raid in main raids on my resto shaman and i love it.Prefer to save people then doing top dps.Think its more usefull for the raid :).

My Progression

Naxxramas - cleared
OS +3d - cleared
Malygos - cleared ( got malygos for 5mins back then on 10man one of the first people )
Ulduar - cleared ( 10man hardmodes cleared on both character and some 25man hardmodes aswell due i was away for the summer didnt got any proper achivments/hardmodes but when i came back i managed do some)
Totc- cleared
Totgc ( one of the firsts 10man insanity runs , 25 man progression 4/5 (again guild was didnt showing up for anub people was disconecting , lagging and etc.)
ICC 10 - 11/12 all cleared till Lich King with near all the achivments for 10man glory ( didnt managed to kill lich king yet becouse of some of main people didnt showed up becouse of IRL issues) know tactics for LK and how to heal it ofc :)
ICC 25 - 10/12

My WoW Goals?

My goals are easy, to be part of a good and solid project, focused in end game raiding, for now and the future, to be among of people that are ready to do anything to conquer end game content as fast that best guilds do it. And since I am very competitive, my longterm goal is to master my spec to the highest possible sphere.

Why Restoration Shaman?The way i heal.

Some people think that restoration shamans cant compare with priest and druid aoe healing - I think this is not right due the amounts of haste and sp you can get in this stage of the game easy you can compete with priest and druid healing.Well maybe in some fight they are better but overall i think we are equal with em.About single target healing i think we can support the healing of the tank very well as well since we have buff in healing way talent we can throw very nice heals to the tanks from time to time.I think shamans can fit both roles AOE and Single target healing very well.I believe not the recount % of healing show how you heal.First of all you have to be able react fast in different situations and manage to don't let people die.Of course they will die if they don't know how to use his defensive talents or don't know the mechanics of the encounter they are in.Personally for me i have 2 cycles.1st is for example - Lady Deathwisper i prefer to use LHW,RP every cooldown and maybe sometimes HW when is needed and of course when i see 7 people in the death and decay aoe to chain heal em fast.2st is some fight with massive aoe dmg like Blood Queen Lana'thel.In this encounter sometimes you dont have time even to renew your mana shield there i spam chain heal as much i can and if have second shaman he cover the melee grp i cover the ranged + people wich move in middle with the 3 beams.

Why Crab People?

After being in a hardcore guild(wich now going down due some of the people wanna get casual rank), and having the hardcore-raid feeling(before:), I won’t take anything else. Hard modes are the way forward and seeing that you guys share that attitude towards PvE content.

(hope you have time check all of them even in January and the 10mans aswell)

Contact info[/size]

In-game: Blacksh or Vily on Darksorrow - EU



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