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 Post subject: [Declined] Hypelf Prot Paladin
PostPosted: Tue Jan 25, 2011 3:31 pm 

Joined: Tue Jan 25, 2011 3:26 pm
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Character name: Hypelf
Class: Paladin
Age: 18 (this year)
Location: Sweden
Short personal introduction: Hi my name is Jonatan and im 18 years old. I live in Vetlanda in Sweden and my intrest is Computer, and hang out with freands. I go in high school Second grade.


◊ Armory link to your Character ... f/advanced

◊ What talent spec do you intend to play as if you get accepted into Crab People?

I rly like prot and i have experiens and mutch better gear for it. And about my specc, i have specced WoG in prot instead of Seals of the Pure(whitch give 12% more damage by my seal) The guild i was in before, i dident trust my healer so mutch, so thats why i specc in WoG, i did use it very mutch in the encounter, but i have 2 prot speccs now one for aoe tanking and one for singeltarget. Btw on my specc atm i will remove Dazed Shield and Put in HW Glyph and remove Glyph of HoR and get WoG Glyph in the 00/31/10 specc.

◊ What are the current statpriorities for your spec?

The main thing is Dodge and mastery. I rly like Prots mastery witch give me more Block! /mastery->Dodge->Parry. Thats my opinion. I think Avoidens is more importent now the Rly high stam!

◊ Screenshot of your current UI (With keybinds showing, or explain them) ... 110842.jpg

if you cant see it, but i have all my Def Cd´s on Shift+1, Shift+2 and Shift+3

◊ Provide a link to recent logs of your performance (not mandatory but a big + if provided) ... amageDone/

hope this is fine

◊ Describe your experience and ability playing your offspecs
My offspec Atm is Holy, i have played holy in whole tbc, some in WotLk and some HC´s in cata, i dont have soo good gear for it have like 4.5k sp atm... Its not the best. Its not enchanted or gems in.


◊ Describe your past raiding experience

TBC: In Tbc i was playing paladin (Holy) i was ally on LB in a guild called Seven. We did raid Kara, maggy, gruul, ssc, za, mh, tk, bt and we did geat 3 bosses in Swp to.

WotLk: In WotLk i rerolled to warr tank on that one i did get down naxx10/25, Os10/25 +3d, Eoe 10/25, Ulduar 10/20 + achi , TotGc 10/25 Not AB in 25man mode, and icc 10/25 10h 25h not Lk in 25man mode.

Cata: And now in cata i did go back to paladin (prot) and on this char i have tanked Bh, TotFw, BD Chimaeron on Hc, BoT and Halfus Wyrmbreaker

◊ What guilds have you been in, and what was your reason for leaving them?

I was in a Guild called "Khadgars Rage", the reason i leaving them is that i diden´t like ther bad attitude. and i diden´t have eny Irl freands on SC. And they wasent so Hardcore, and they dident take it serius.


◊ What kind of computer and Internet connection do you use for playing wow?

W7 64-bit, AMD PhenomII x4 720 2,80 GHz with a Radeon HD 6850 1GB. Have a Samsung 23" 2ms screen. My connection is good.

◊ What is your FPS during raids?


◊ Have you ever had problems with disconnecting in the past?

No, did have it in the start of Icc, but not eny more!

◊ Do you have a working microphone for communications on Ventrilo? Yes, Ofc.


◊ Tell us some more about yourself as a playerI

m a social person, when i have nothing to do in wow, i do like old raids like naxx, ulduar achi run and more, i do have some 70 "twinks" that i sometims play on if i dont have nothing to do. Im a creative Player who rly need to have fun during raids! I´m a rly active ppl! Im on the computer like half the day, if im not on my PC i do studies.

◊ What is your most important goal in WoW?

To have fun when you play with like other players. And do all encounter in the games! To have fun in another word.

◊ What do you expect to gain by joining Crab People?

I Expect social players, fun and more hardcore raiding. And players who love the Game they play. And a Rly good Progress and i think im going to love the mage more!

◊ Any real life activities (job, studies, hobbies) which might interfere with your raiding from time to time?

Only studies.

◊ Why should we recruit you?

If you like how i have explain myself and need a pladin tank and a social guy in the guild i think you do the right thing to Recuit me. I have good Experianse, i know my class, i can take review and im Preperd with food and flask and so on!


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