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 Post subject: 70 Shaman McA
PostPosted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 6:21 pm 

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A bit about me

Hi my name is steven mcarthur, I am 19 and from Wales, im currently studying ICT at college in my 1st year outta a 2year course, I am in college 2and a half days a week which leaves me alot of spare time for WoW :) anyways enough about my life on to the important bit.

Character Information

Name: Mca
Class: Shaman
Spec: Enhacement
Race: Orc
Armory Link: ... varr&n=Mca
Professions: Engineering 375, Enchanting 355, Currently leveling enchanting for the ring enchants

My Experience

I have cleared all the boring stuff ( Kaharhan, Gruul, Magtheridon's Liar, SSC, TK, MH and BT.) In sunwell i have killed upto twins in the guild Totally Bullox on the server Shattered Hand.

Previous Guilds

In order of date i left them and the reason why,
Uprising (Talnivarr) I joined Uprising as a casual player who would raid when needed, however certain officers had different aspects of the word casual and the meaning behind it, this lead to some confrontation so i decided to leave.
Totally Bullox (Shattered Hand) I left as i wanted to play casual due to the start of college and the amount of work that would come with being in college, so i transferred back to talnivarr in order to play with some friends which i've played with for years.
Madhouse (Talnivarr) A IRL friend that was in the guild betrayal with me thought i wanted to transfer with some of the officers to the server, I had said that i didn't want to transfer due to money issues so he transferred me whilst i was in college paying with his card :'(
Betrayal (Talnivarr) I didn't leave betrayal it was disbanded by the GM when he was hacked.

Reason for wanting to join Cráb People

I want to join Cráb People due to the fact that there was no substantial work with over flowed my personal time at home, so now I am left with alot of free time so I deiced to start playing wow seriously again now due to the expansion coming, i chose to apply to Cráb People instead of looking for another guild on a different server because I have friends in Cráb People and i'd rather play with them than start a new on a random server (Friends in Cráb People Kyzzi and Fáze played with Zebrahead on his rogue Blackshade back in Revolution on my other shaman, sorry if i forgot anyone i know ;p) Also i feel that i would be well suited in Cráb People because as a guild you aim to be the best, and are hard working serious people when it comes down to raiding.

Why would i be an asset to Cráb People

I am a serious player who all ways looks to improve my performance and strive to be the best I can, I read tactics for any boss i have never personally encountered and i read them from more than my personal aspect so i know the entire fight and what it involves and so that I can help others who are stuck or having a hard time understanding. I am looking to play hardcore in the expansion and getting server first putting my full potential in to every fight and raid. I farm full consumables for every boss fight even if the boss has been killed before and not considered "hard"

What are my playing times
I play WoW in the majority of my spare time this is usually between
Monday: 4:30 - 1am
Tuesday: 4:30 - 1am
Wednesday: 2:30 - Till i feel tired
Thursday - Sunday: When i wake till i feel like sleeping

What days can i raid
I can raid every day as long as it fits with the times above I am in college Monday - Wednesday which are the reason for the later start times than other days

Can i use Ventrilo and do i have a Mic
Yes i can use ventrilo and i have a working Mic and headset i'm not the loud type on vent who play's everyone else's voice down vent due to my speakers :P

Anything else relevant
Nope nothing that i can think of if you have any questions feel free to comment on them and i will reply to the best of my ability.

Thank you for reading my application I hope to hear from you soon :)

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