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 Post subject: Re: Dark Souls
PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2011 10:32 pm 
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Haven't done the Dragonslayer + Executioner fight yet, is it in Sen's Fortress or so? I still have to head out there and explore it all, might do it on Thursday. Ceaseless Discharge was easy, I didn't pull him to the entrance like most videos show, I just dodged his fire attacks then wailed on his arms.

I'm SL 52 atm, mostly spent my time exploring other parts and defeated any foe I encountered up until now.
Parts of Stone Armor (2 pieces while staying below 50% of equip burden) + Black Knight Sword +3 is wrecking everything I encounter atm.

Did Undead dragon and Catacombs today, will revisit later for Tomb of Giants. After Catacombs I went to the Great Hollow, met another Hydra and killed it then quit playing. Think I'm gonna head over to the Chaos Ruins tomorrow and kill 8 of those Taurus Demons to get whatever loot is behind them.

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 Post subject: Re: Dark Souls
PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2011 11:10 pm 

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I'm 67 atm, can't do tomb of giants until after andor londo which is after the last boss in sen's fortress.
Dragon Slayer and Executioner is in Andor Londo too. So is the Darkmoon* covernant (lets you attack players on the "naughty list" :twisted: )
There is a gate blocking the entrance to tomb of giants until the story progresses some. It rather hard to get back if you go beyond the first boss in the catacombs. So much so that I heard tell of many more than one player restarting their game because they couldn't find their way back.

I'm using eagle shield+6 or 7 with 3 part Gold hemmed and chest of eastern armor +3 I think. (20 Endurance, 33.4 is my 50% limit I think)
Greatsword of Artorias+4 as my weapon.

I'm roaming about in tomb of giants at the moment myself, place is pitch black and has some real nasty creatures in it.
Rather tempted to port out and go somewhere else first, this place is hellish. Made me rage quit 3 times today.

Haven't been to the great hollow yet, before I grinded the last few levels to be able to use my new sword I tried going to "The Lost Izalith" only to be greeted by several Capra demons at once (chaos ruin I guess, it's the place below ceaseless discharge, can't get there without progressing the story either) things destroyed me a bit, not much room to move and they can remove 95% of my stamina in one blow. Two or three of them at once was too much for me. Might try again now I'm better equipped.

I think all I have left is
the great hollow + whatever else is connected to the great hollow
Some area that opened in Andor Londo recently + anything connected to that
Tomb of Giants (Think I'm close to finishing this)
Think there is some content back at the undead asylum that I need to do.

I haven't touched New Londo ruins, don't think there is much in there though, got the fire keepers soul from the beginning.

Might be more that I don't know about, but those are the ones on my list left to do.

I plan to start a new character though instead of NG+ I messed up my stat allocation and I haven't found a way to delevel yet.
Threw a whole load of points into strength then wasted my demon titanite on a faith / int weapon and now I have to boost one of them to increase my sword damage. Basically the points in strength beyond the 24 I need to wield the sword are worthless, or worth less than if I had put them in faith or int, which kills my min/max'ing spirit.

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